Ravensword: Shadowlands – A Monumental Achievement

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Overstuffed with content | Amazing open world | Extremely engaging | Beautiful 3D graphics

Difficulty balance is a bit off | Melee attacks are relatively rudimentary

Ravensword: The Fallen King was a ground breaking game back in 2009, and now three years later Ravensword: Shadowlands is here and is looking to break all new ground on iOS. Crescent Moon Games has done an outstanding job in creating 3D fantasy games for iOS, and Ravensword: Shadowlands is their biggest effort to date. Shadowlands is powered by the Unity engine, and delivers exquisite 3D visuals that are extraordinary to see on your iOS device. The entire game is an open world action RPG, and the world design just may be the best on the platform with such an expansive and varied world to explore.

Ravensword: Shadowlands is all about exploration so you can go your own way, and it’s an absolute treat to discover each part of the map. The game features one main quest where you’re the last survivor of an epic battle, and now need to meet with the Archmage to find the three Ravenstones to help you discover the Ravensword, and defeat the evil entity from the Shadowlands. The story is relatively typical for a fantasy game, and while it might not be the most in-depth story it provides plenty of incentive to play through the entirety of the game. The main quest offers a lot of playtime, but the side quests really give the game depth.

You can also simply explore the expansive world to simply appreciate all that’s included. One problem with the game design is that the difficulty balance of the main quest is a bit off so you will need to complete a few side quests to upgrade your weapons to be able to continue through the main quest. There is a wide variety of enemies including goblins, trolls, yetis, bears, wolves, boars, and even dinosaurs with all providing some in your face action. A ranged weapon is absolutely essential for most of the larger beasts, and that’s why you need to complete some side quests before battling through the main quest.

The action aspect relates to the battles which provide fast paced intense fights with the enemies charging right at you. The straight melee battles are like button mashers, but the addition of a crossbow and some magic spells adds nice strategy, and a much more fluid battle. The RPG element relates to upgrading your main attributes as well as special talents that allow you to focus on speed, defense, or one of the three attack styles. There’s so much to unlock and explore that leveling up your character seems natural, and there’s always something to keep you playing the game. This is one title that you can truly get lost in, and the depth is rarely seen on iOS, and that’s why you can appreciate it that much more.

The scale of the game is simply phenomenal from the open world to the size of the enemies, and thankfully it’s all easily manageable. The touch controls are standard fare for 3D games with a movement joystick, swipe to adjust the camera angle, and virtual buttons for attacks. One of the best parts is the quick tray allowing you to switch weapons at will. The main map is also manageable with a quick travel interface to simply tap on a place to transport rather than walking forever through the expansive world. All of the little things are designed so well to further enhance the main open world action RPG. The game does take awhile to get into when dealing with the initial upgrades, but after that the game is tough to put down, and one that you’ll absolutely love completing.

Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99, Universal) is a monumental achievement for iOS that delivers the most expansive and engaging RPG in the App Store. There’s simply so much to see, and do with all of it beautifully crafted, whether it’s the 3D design or action packed gameplay. Ravensword: Shadowlands is a must buy that is unrivaled on iOS, and an experience not to be missed.


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