Rayman Fiesta Run – An Extended Jungle Party

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Levels are made for mobile | Effortless to control the fast paced action | Quality design

A bit on the simple side | More about memorization | Not that different than Jungle Run


There are more and more successful games on iOS, which leads to developers building upon these franchises with iterative new releases. Rayman Fiesta Run is a follow up to Rayman Jungle Run, and is more of an extension, than a sequel. The environments have changed, but the style remains the same, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Fiesta version really enhances what was started in Jungle Run by concentrating the Rayman platformer style for iOS devices. Each of the 75 levels present a fast paced runner where Rayman moves automatically, and you simply tap at the right time on the specific action buttons to jump, punch, glide, and more.
Most of the elements in the game have been seen in Jungle Run, and it’s likely that if you’re familiar with the original, you already picked up Fiesta Run. Whether you played Jungle Run or not, there’s a lot to like in Fiesta Run as you swing across pepper strands and drink umbrellas, bounce on limes and grilling sausages, and punch some piñatas. There are four unique worlds that are continuously switched between as you progress through the map to keep things a bit fresher. Every single level is all about flow, so that you can nail the run without stumbling, and have Rayman continue to go at high speeds. The levels are set-up like speed runs, but there are no time limits, and instead you focus on collecting 100 gold lums per level. There’s a nice replay factor to perfect levels before advancing, especially since lums help you progress on the map.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of nailing a run by hitting all the jumps, punches, slides, swims, and glides. The problem is that since the levels are structured towards a specific set of movements, there can be some repetitiveness. The main drawback is when you start to make mistakes in a level, and one miss causes you to restart a level. Soon it just becomes a matter of repetition as you know the exact sequence of moves, but it’s just about executing, and that can make for quite a bland experience. You can buy hearts with lums to let you make a mistake, but they only help with enemies, and if you miss a jump, it’s game over no matter what. There are all kinds of unique objects you will come across, and the surprising nature the first time through is killed if you start replaying a level.
All of the action is presented superbly with an ornate graphics engine that runs without a hitch with fine details in the environment, and a new depth of field presented. The Fiesta environments really pop, and it’s a nice immersive feel. It’s also effortless to control the action with your interaction boiled down to simple buttons, which on the flip side does detract a little from a true platformer. It’s a bit on the simple side, and that makes the familiarity to Jungle Run even more of a drawback, because even with the additions there’s not much change in the base formula. Fiesta Run is essentially more of Jungle Run, and while it makes for some fun action, it still leaves a bit to be desired. Each level is also bite sized, which makes for nice on the go gaming, but can leave a feeling of simplicity. There’s also a constant presence of the game shoehorning you forward, so you can’t real mess up, or choose a forking pathway.

Rayman Fiesta Run ($2.99, Universal) delivers a finely crafted action platformer that is well suited for iOS, but a little on the redundant side. There’s no doubt it’s worth picking up, but it’s a bit disappointing with higher expectations based on the original, and the current state of the App Store.


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