Rayman Jungle Run – Running From The Past To iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Packed with speed, action, and challenge | Great level design | High quality artwork

Level mechanics are a bit repetitive | Auto-runner style forces some misses

Rayman has been running for a long time on all types of gaming platforms, but now makes his first appearance on iOS in Rayman Jungle Run. The game connects with the platformer roots of Rayman, but turns it into an auto-runner so Rayman runs automatically, and you simply tap to perform actions. It sounds relatively simple, but the game is overloaded with challenge due to the outstanding level design. In fact, Rayman Jungle Run features some of the best platformer levels on iOS.

There are 40 levels included, with every ten split up by a new skill added whether it’s jumping, flying, wall running, or punching. The control scheme is as simple as can be with the ability to tap anywhere to perform the respective action for the level, and it allows the controls to get out of the way for you to focus on the action. The levels are constructed for great action so there’s tons of speed, and a very smooth flow to the entire race to the finish. Along the way, there are coins to collect, and there’s one touch death to make it plenty difficult to collect everything, and reach the finish. If you can collect everything in a given level for five of the ten level pack, you can unlock a bonus level/boss fight for even greater challenge.

The entire speed of the game is reminiscent of classic Rayman, as well as retro Sonic, and Mega Run on iOS. There’s never a dull moment as you’re speeding along, and you get to witness gorgeous graphics. The color variation across levels combined with the great detail of the surroundings and Rayman animations just complete the treat that this game is. The levels do end up using a lot of similar mechanics for some repetition, and also the game isn’t optimized for the new iPhone 5 screen yet. Also, since the game is an auto-runner you can’t go back to collect a missed coin, and you can also overrun jumping points as Rayman is always oriented to move towards the finish.

Rayman Jungle Run ($2.99, Universal) is like a number of other games on the surface, but after a few minutes that all fades away to a thoroughly engaging action packed experience that feels totally unique and suited for iOS. Rayman Jungle Run is a should buy that is a top notch platformer, and overall game for iOS.


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