Real Boxing – Delivers A Real Knockout Performance

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Absolutely gorgeous design | Extremely realistic motion | Nice career & online modes

Upgrades can be a grind | Gameplay has some turn restriction like Infinity Blade

It’s great to see innovation in the App Store as third party developers use the latest cutting edge technology. Vivid Games has been hard at work on the App Store, and their latest offering uses the 3D Unreal powered engine in an attempt to deliver the most realistic looking boxing sim on iOS. Their attempt has proven to be a success now that Real Boxing has officially hit the App Store, and has delivered quite the visual spectacle. The game is absolutely gorgeous with amazing detail to every boxer, the four boxing rings, and all of the boxing action.

The physics engine is another factor worth commending as there is such authentic reaction to each and every punch thrown. The motion of the boxers is very realistic, and you’re tied to it to such a degree that it feels so good to give a right hook to the jaw. To further the graphics delight, blood and sweat explodes off the boxers with each punch. It’s amazing to witness this game on iOS, but it takes more than a beautiful design to make a great game. Luckily, the game is feature rich as well with three different belts to go after in career mode as well as online multiplayer.

The career mode presents 10 bouts per belt, and you need to upgrade your characters strength, speed, and stamina along the way. The early boxers are a bit easy as you can knock them out in one round, but later fights come down to upgrading your boxer. One problem here is that you will need to replay the first belt to earn enough coins to upgrade your boxer to a competitive level for the next belt. There are three mini-games to upgrade your skills, but they’re only available every five career fights, so again you will need to replay fights to upgrade your character enough.

The boxing gameplay is as you would expect with jabs, hooks, and uppercuts as well as gloves up defense and dodge available. The game isn’t authentic when it comes to a boxing match with a much more arcade action feel as there’s usually a knockout in one to two rounds. There’s less strategy than a true boxing match, but it’s not as slow and methodical which gives a more engaging feel to the game. The one main drawback is that the game is a bit like Infinity Blade as your opponent goes on the offensive where you need to hold your gloves up and dodge, and then you have a turn to go on the offensive. The touch controls feel great with swipe gestures to perform various punches.

Real Boxing ($4.99, Universal) packs the proverbial punch to deliver a deluxe boxing experience that is enjoyable above all else. The only real boxing competitor on iOS is Fight Night by EA, which doesn’t really come close. Real Boxing is a should buy that is one of the most technologically advanced games for iOS that delivers a real knockout performance.

*Note: there’s a bug where the tutorial doesn’t advance if you knock out the opponent. Don’t knock them out to advance.


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