Redline Rush – Dodging Traffic & Expectations

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5

High quality graphics | Easy to pick up and play | Fast paced action

Extremely simplistic game | Doesn't offer much incentive to keep driving | Just endless


The App Store is slowly, but surely changing the way we think of games, and what to expect from them. Take Redline Rush for example, on the surface it looks like a top notch 3D arcade racer to rival Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Asphalt 7. Instead, the developers have transformed the arcade racing style into an endless driving game. You simply move left, and right to dodge traffic while trying to escape the cops. It’s such a surprising break from expectations that takes a bit to get used to, and you can’t help, but be disappointed. It seems every genre has been transformed into an endless game on iOS, so Redline Rush needs to do a lot to stand out.
The game definitely delivers an action packed style with a whole lot on screen to dodge. Also, the perspective makes it so you can’t get a clear angle of what’s coming up next, so obstacles come up on you quick. All of the action is controlled with simple left and right arrows on screen as you maneuver down a four lane road swerving through traffic. Redline Rush is closer to Subway Surfers than it is Need for Speed, and thus it needs an extra spark to stand out. There’s the ability to side swipe into a car to perform a takedown for some bonus points. Through it all, there’s an unforeseen amount of challenge with the speed, number of moving obstacles, and mini-objectives to deal with.

There’s no doubt that Redline Rush has a high quality 3D graphics engine though the car movements are a bit rigid, and the traffic is a bit blocky. One of the treats of the game is actually when you lose as you get to witness your car crash in slow motion with some juicy destruction. redline_rush6 Everything you do in the game contributes to your stash of coins which can be used to unlock two additional locations, or eight different cars to give you something to drive for. There’s also a continuous supply of missions, as you would expect for an endless runner, but the game never shakes the feeling of being shallow. Every game is essentially the same with a similar flow in terms of the increasing traffic, and similar response of simply moving from side to side. It becomes a relatively passive experience that feels extra shallow in comparison to an actual arcade racer, or even some other endless games.

Redline Rush ($0.99, Universal) is just too simple to enjoy making it one to steer clear of with many better choices racing around.


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