Republique – Hacking Into An Immersive Stealth Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Deluxe experience to dive into | Immersive story & design

Not that challenging | Somewhat passive


Imagine living in a totalitarian state complete with a written manifesto, lock down protection for our own good, banned materials, and a surveillance network that tracks our every move. That’s the basis for the new game Republique, which is a stealth adventure game pitting you as a rebellious savior. Your character is able to hack into the surveillance system, and your goal is to guide a mysterious woman, known as Hope, out of her confines. The game is fashioned after a point and click adventure that is episodic in nature, similar to the offerings from TellTale.
Republique lets you simply tap to move between security cameras to change your perspective, and you can also tap in the environment to guide Hope forward. The game requires you to constantly switch from surveillance mode to real time view to scout out the path ahead, and then lead Hope through it. Everything is drilled down to one touch stealth gameplay as Hope sneaks around corners, past security guards, and through side rooms. It’s easy to control all of the action, though it is a bit tedious to constantly switch between camera modes. Also, the game can sometimes mis-recognize you sliding your finger to move the camera as a touch interaction that sends Hope right into a guard. That’s a rarity though, and for the most part the controls get out of the way to let you focus on the stealth gameplay.

There’s an involved storyline that sets the stage for some intense sequences all rendered in high quality 3D. The character, and environmental design is exquisite to help immerse you in the idea of hacking into the Big Brother style surveillance network. It’s great to witness the game in motion, and there are so many different areas to explore. It’s a very involved experience, though the gameplay is somewhat limited, so the main challenge is testing your patience. There’s not the most puzzle elements, and sneaking about is as simple as watching a guard’s specific pre-determined path, and then avoiding it. It would be nice to see greater complexities in the stealth gameplay, or at least some more puzzles, so you actually have to stop and think from time to time.
Episode one is now available, and it took us just over an hour to get through, but it’s about two hours when you add in the cut scenes. The first episode leaves keeps you engaged until the cliff hanger at the end, which leaves you anticipating the next of the five episode series. The game is more of an interactive movie than anything else since there are such passive touch interactions, and the game is constantly pointing you in the right direction. The storyline, cut scenes, and 3D environments are just begging for more involved gameplay elements, which will hopefully come in the later episodes. With that said, what is included will keep you immersed in the experience.

Republique ($4.99, Universal) is a deluxe adventure to dive into as you’re given a front row seat to an immersive world that is teeming with mystery making it a should buy.


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