Review: Dinosaur Zoo – It’s Jurassic Park On Your iPad

2.5 Overall Score
Usability: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Great design | Outstanding interaction | Educational facts

Only six dinosaurs | Not much to it

App Info

APP NAME: Dinosaur Zoo

PUBLISHER(S): dotnamestudios

GENRE(S): Education

RELEASE DATE(S): May 13th, 2011

The dinosaurs were dead and gone hundreds of millions of years before mankind came along. That’s the main reason why an idea like Jurassic Park is so mesmerizing. You can now have your own Jurassic Park on your iPad with the new app Dinosaur Zoo. A zoo full of present day animals is a thing of the past, as now you can have 3D digital models of various dinosaurs.

Once you’re in the app you’re given a map of the zoo, and you can tap on any animal to visits its habitat. Each animal and habitat has a nicely detailed design that is great to view on the iPad. This zoo isn’t only about watching the animals, because you can interact with them too. You can tap the screen to get a different reaction from each dinosaur. For example, the Euoplocephalus swipes its tail, the Monolophosaurus tries to bite your finger, and you toss fish to the Metroposaurus.

For each dinosaur you can also bring up an information page that comes with four sections. You can look at the basic overview, find out where it lived with interactive maps, and then read about the anatomy of the dinosaur. The maps are outstanding as they shift based on time beginning with a Pangea like map, and then morphing forward. When back to the animal, if you tap on the screen too much, the animal becomes agitated and breaks the screen. Also if you roar into the mic on your iOS device, the animal roars back.

The main problem with Dinosaur Zoo is the lack of dinosaurs in it. There are only six dinosaurs included, and none of them are very well known. The developers say there are updates coming, but at this point the app is severely lacking. It only takes a few minutes to look at and interact with each dinosaur, and then there is no reason to come back to the app.

Dinosaur Zoo ($1.99, iPad) has a great beginning with an outstanding design, neat interactive features, and wonderful information. The problem is that there are only six dinosaurs, and all the great features are limited because of that. We will keep an eye on the app to see if it’s updated, but until then, it just isn’t worth picking up. Hopefully the update comes soon, because more dinosaurs with the current system would make this one of the best apps around.


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