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DEVELOPER(S): Jeremie Francone

GENRE(S): Utility, Entertainment

RELEASE DATE(S): May 20th, 2011

There may be no bigger push, nor polarizing item in technology than 3D. It seems there is 3D everything coming out all the time whether it’s movies and games, TVs, camera systems, or gaming consoles. The biggest concern is the glasses, which Nintendo has figured a way around with their 3DS. Glasses-free 3D has come to the iPhone and iPad thanks to i3D from two brilliant people, Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay.

The app uses Head-Coupled Perspective using the front camera to track the face of the user, and then the app determines how the user is looking at the display, and adjusts the scene accordingly. I don’t exactly know how i3D works, I just know that it does. I was skeptical when I first saw the tech demo video, but now to actually see my iOS device screen in 3D, I’m simply blown away.

You’re given six different scenes to look at, which isn’t much, but it definitely shows what iOS devices are capable of. In every scene you’re given a holodeck like background, and the object in the foreground. There is a cube, targets, white grid, iOS home screen, and Wii avatar stacks. For each one you can truly see the depth of the objects, and rather than a 3D effect that sticks out of the screen, it’s one that dives deep into the screen.

i3D is extremely easy to use as you just hold your device up to your face so the app recognizes it, and then off you go. You simply swipe through each of the various scenes, and then get ready to be blown away.

The app is just a tech demo, but i3D (Free, Universal) is a great free download to experience the effect for yourself. Hopefully Apple is looking into this app heavily, and taking the 3D effect into serious consideration.


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