Mighty Fin – The Next Tiny Wings

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 4.5/5

Super simple to play | Can't put down | Amazing design

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Game Info

APP NAME: Mighty Fin

DEVELOPER(S): Launching Pad Games

GENRE(S): Casual, Action

RELEASE DATE(S): June 2nd, 2011

If you’ve looked at the App Store even once in the past three months then you’ve seen Tiny Wings at or near the top of the paid charts. It was only a matter of time until its popularity bred games with a similar style. Mighty Fin shares the basic one touch gameplay, but seems to build upon it in every way imaginable. You tap the screen to dive, and release to jump up out of the water. You guide Fin the fish down and up, curving below and above the water similar to guiding the bird up and down hills in Tiny Wings.

The best aspect of Mighty Fin is that it improved upon all the weaknesses of Tiny Wings, and the similarities between the two have already been mentioned. In Mighty Fin there are bubbles throughout the world, you collect them, and use them as a guide of when to dip and rise. You can build huge point multipliers by collecting consecutive bubbles, and there is a nice time buffer to keep the chain alive. As you’re swimming along collecting bubbles, there are also enemies and obstacles to avoid, because it’s only one touch from them and you have to restart.

Mighty Fin comes with actual levels with finish lines rather than just an endless swim. Once you complete a level you unlock the next one, as well as the endless version of that level. Mighty Fin comes with both levels and endless mode giving you reason to continue enjoying the game. In each level, you can earn medals for your performance, and there are special collectibles too. You can earn different outfits to dress Fin in as he travels the world from level to level. There is a ton of replayability in Mighty Fin beyond just being hooked by the simple and enjoyable gameplay.

The game is finely polished in every regard, highlighted by the outstanding art design of every location and level object. There is a different soundtrack for each location which are all wonderful to listen to, and fit the game style perfectly. Mighty Fin really has it all going for it with practically no blemishes, and gameplay that is difficult to stop playing. The pacing of the game is superb, and there is a continuous challenge of collecting bubbles, and avoiding obstacles.

Mighty Fin ($0.99, iPhone) is as good as a one touch game can be, and you’ll end up playing it more than the complex console games. The game is perfect to play in the few spare minutes in your day, but you can play for a lot longer as well. The game is wonderfully designed in every regard, and gives you so much to enjoy. Mighty Fin takes the basic Tiny Wings gameplay, and improves upon it in every way, which is quite an achievement in itself.

Mighty Fin is a must buy for only $1, that has the potential to be your new go to game.


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