Ridiculous Fishing – Reeling In An Epic Catch

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Three distinct play style in one | Expertly crafted throughout | One of he highest replay factors

Tilt controls could be more precise | No restart option

You have probably heard some outlandish fishing story from someone claiming they caught a fish that was “this big”. Ridiculous Fishing has its own tall tale of finally reaching the App Store thanks to the hard work of Vlambeer (Super Crate Box), Zach Gage (Spelltower) and Greg Wohlwend (Solipskier, Hundreds, Gasketball). After two years in the making, the flash game Radical Fishing has been re-imagined for iOS, but in the meantime, Gamenauts released a very similar game known as Ninja Fishing that gained notoriety for the comparison. Ridiculous Fishing has made it through it all to hit the App Store today, and it’s well worth the wait thanks to all that’s included.

Ridiculous Fishing truly offers three games in one as you first descend your fishing lure as deep as you can, dodging all sorts of fish along the way. Once you catch a fish, you then go on the ascent with the mechanic flipped so you’re trying to catch all the fish that you can. Finally, the fish are flung up into the air, and you try to shoot them down to cash in on all of the fish you collected. More valuable fish lie deeper down, and the longer you ascend, the more fish you can collect, so the original descent is very important. It makes for such a challenging game with three distinct styles in one play through.

There’s never a dull moment as you’re dodging, collecting, or blasting away fish with a brilliant pacing throughout. You earn coins from every fish you collect, and you can use those coins on a wide array of upgrades. Whether it’s a longer fishing line, bigger guns, chainsaw lures, or toasters to fry the first fish caught they’re all ridiculous, and all can greatly enhance your fish catching abilities. The game has a great balance of coins earned to upgrade costs, and you’re always building towards the infinite fishing reel. One of the most ridiculous aspects of the game is the amount of replayability as the game just intrinsically draws you in to keep playing with so much to shoot for.

There’s a great assortment of fish to collect, and catching new types helps you unlock new environments to fish in. There are 63 kinds of fish, and four main environments with both working together to keep you coming back like very few games do. All of the action is delivered beautifully through a great graphics engine, and soundtrack with retro inspiration combined with a modern flourish that changes so nicely across environments. The only minor complaints are that it would be nice to see a tilt sensitivity option as well as a restart button, but again these are minor. The entire package is expertly crafted to deliver a game that you can dive so deep into.

Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99, Universal) offers a ridiculous amount of enjoyment with every element so well made to work in harmony, and fit perfectly on iOS. Ridiculous Fishing is an absolute must, so it’s time to reel in this epic catch.


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    bet this will be an AppoftheWeek right here.. or probably appofthemonth too

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