Ring Fling – An Action Packed Evolutionary Board Game

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

A great multiplayer experience | Outstanding controls | Great graphics & physics | Action packed

Could use some different themes | A twist on the game mode would be nice too

The iPad is capable of all kinds of things including being a great platform for traditional and brand new multiplayer board games. Ring Fling is a brand new multiplayer experience for iPad that lets multiple people gather around the same iPad. The game is reminiscent of the board game Crossfire, and is like a brand new version of Air Hockey or a futuristic Pong. You can play in either two or four player mode with each round beginning with a ring in the middle of the screen. In two player mode there’s a goal on each side of the screen, and you flick within your goal to launch little balls in an attempt to knock the ring into the opponent’s goal.

In four player mode, there are goals in each of the corners, and you score as long as the ring doesn’t land in to your goal. In both modes, the first to ten wins, and you can play with human players or computer players. The game offers a frantic action experience where you’re swiping your finger on screen like mad man to knock the ring around. The screen soon fills with balls, and the game offers up outstanding touch controls for great precision when firing your balls. In each round there can be more than one ring as well as special power-ups including super sized balls or rings, hard hitting balls, fast forward flinging, and more unlockable power-ups.

Ring Fling is a game unlike any other in the App Store, and one of the best same device multiplayer experiences for the iPad. It’s such an engaging gameplay mechanic that fits perfectly on the iPad. There’s also subtleties including a limited ball arsenal that recharges, as well as the ability to charge your shot. The physics engine is worth commending as it allows for great ring reaction to every shot, and the neon graphics are also superb. The fun peaks when human players are facing each other flinging their fingers on screen. It’s also great that you can play solo against computer players when no one else is around, especially since the computer difficulty is balanced nicely.

Ring Fling ($1.99, Universal) is one of the best iOS multiplayer experiences that is a should buy, and an evolutionary board game.


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