Rise of the Blobs – Rises Above The Crowd

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Surprisingly fast paced for the genre | Great 3D design & touch controls | High replay factor

Another match three game | Can be a bit frustrating

There are too many match three games to count, but even with so many, there’s still room for new ones. Rise of the Blobs is a 3D tower based match three game where colored blobs keep rising from the bottom, and you need to make matches from above. The blobs can be exploded if you feed them the right colored fruits, and that basic premise leads to a whole lot of action. You simply drag your finger to spin around the tower 360 degrees trying to find the best place to drop the colored fruit on to the matching blobs.

The best part of Rise of the Blobs is the pace as it’s brilliantly balanced so there’s never a dull moment. Each new fruit comes at you in rapid succession, and the blobs are ever rising. The speed of the game actually catches you off guard, because this one definitely puts the action in action puzzle game. There are four different game modes with each one relying on the same set of five differing environments and color schemes.

There’s so much challenge involved, along with three objectives at a time, and all kinds of unlockables too, with both contributing to a nice replay factor. The game is also free to download, with power-ups available as very optional in-app purchases. The 3D design and touch controls go hand and hand to deliver a silky smooth experience that allows you to focus on just the gameplay. There are also neat animations so the fruits and blobs result in liquid gushing explosions, like another good match three action puzzler, Blockolicious.

Rise of the Blobs (Free, Universal) is a fresh and fun match three game that rises above the jumble in the genre.


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