Rocket Cars – Having A Blast With Chaotic Racing

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

High speed racing action | Chaotic kart racing | Beautiful design

Some races are a bit easy | Controls take a bit to get used to


Get ready for speed, tricks, and crazy courses in the new iOS game Rocket Cars. It comes from Illusion Labs, the makers of some great iOS games including Touchgrind Skate 2, Touchgrind BMX, Blast-A-Way, and many more. Rocket Cars isn’t like their previous efforts, but instead delivers the familiar kart racing style. You get to pilot rocket cars through killer switchbacks, wooden moving obstacles, past lava pits, and more. There are five different game modes that you get to play as you race in over 65 different events. All of them deliver a high degree of polish that looks absolutely beautiful in motion.
Rocket Cars is all about speed as you’re either racing to the finish line, against the clock, or ahead of last place. There are numerous nitro boost collectibles, as well as a tricks system that can help you earn even more boost. Each course has quite a few ramps, and once you get air, you can spin in various directions to pull off crazy stunts. You can even combine stunts to do a barrel roll, and backflip at once for even more of a boost. The game is a kart racer, and that means there are power-ups, and in the case of Rocket Cars, missiles and shockwaves are activated as soon as you run over them. There can be some crazy car carnage with the over the top physics engine. You can also run opponents off the course depending on your speed, and type of car for even more chaos.

There’s never a dull moment in Rocket Cars, and each race is relatively short to make it great for on the go gaming. It’s also easy to go from level to level ready for a new challenge, and course. Rocket Cars is simply fun above all else as you speed around corners, flip through the air, and collide in various ways in a mad dash to the end. The best part of the game is that it delivers the epitome of kart racing, which is the chaotic nature. There’s a constant balance to maintain the precipice of almost being out of control at all times. Each one of the 67 challenges delivers it’s own action packed engagement, and every race plays out different due to the chaotic nature.
All of the action is controlled through an innovative touch control scheme. You simply tap, and hold at the bottom of the screen, and then drag your finger left and right to steer, and up and down to adjust speed. It’s surprisingly responsive lettng you focus on the racing action, rather than the controls. One other notable aspect of Rocket Cars is that it’s free to play, and is Illusion Labs’ first attempt at freemium. We’re unsure how much money they will make, but from a player’s perspective, you can fully enjoy the game for free. There are optional IAPs to upgrade cars faster, or buy temporary boosts, but they are indeed optional. The game does a great job of balancing the difficulty curve, so that you never feel like upgrades, or IAP is necessary, like many other freemium racing games. There’s an energy meter, but you can watch video ads to replenish it, which isn’t that often either.

Rocket Cars (Free, Universal) is an exhilarating racing experience that is jam packed with chaotic action making it a must have.


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