Rule with an Iron Fish – Will It Reel You In?

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I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay, wastin’ time. Prepare to settle in, and get to fishing in the new iOS game Rule with an Iron Fish. The gameplay revolves around dropping in your line, and tapping at the right time to catch a variety of fish. There’s more to it thanks to a fleshed out pirate storyline in which each fish you catch helps to introduce new locations, characters, and tasks. The story is packed with humor, and sets the stage to fish in exotic locales like volcanoes, the Arctic, and even the sky. You get to run a whole pirate island that is financed from your fishing endeavors.
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Rule with an Iron Fish features 108 different fish to collect with specific breeds only available through certain locations with the right equipment. It’s effortless to fish, as you simply tap to cast your line, tilt to move the hook, and then reel in the fish by tapping when the circle is green. Sometimes, you need to swipe in different directions to reel in tougher fish, and through it all, it’s simply easy to just keep casting your line. It’s great to collect the rare fish, and soon you will unlock access to the aquarium to view your fish, as well as the farm and restaurant to create special dishes to lure in rare fishes in future trips to the fishing hole.

The best part of Rule with an Iron Fish is that there’s always a supply of new missions that require you to collect specific fish, connect with particular characters, and even battle enemies. The game’s battle system requires you to toss knives to cut enemy’s fishing lines, as well as tap to collect all of the fish blasted with dynamite. There’s always something to do every time you open up the game, and you can get lost in the cycle of fishing, upgrades, and completing missions. Also, the game is paid, rather than free to play, and that means you can earn coins and upgrades at a good pace without a push towards paying for in-game currency.

Rule with an Iron Fish ($2.99, iPhone) delivers an entertaining fishing adventure that is well worth picking up whether you like fishing, or not.

Rule with an Iron Fish ($2.99, Universal)

$2.99, iPhone


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