Rules! – Love Following the Rules For A Change

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Brand new puzzle idea | Great fit & finish | Consistently challenging & entertaining

Same set-up limits long term play time | Could use an un-timed option


Following the rules can be pretty boring, and there are a lot that seem to be made to broken. Rules! is a new game where you will want to follow the rules that come at you quickly, and you will need to remember them. The game gives you a four by four game board of various cards that include both numbers, and colored images that each rule connects to. For example, you will be required to tap the numbers in descending order, or to tap the green monsters. What really makes Rules! stand out is that the rules stack upon one another, and integrate a bit of Memory too.
You’re given the description of each new rule, and you clear cards for as long as you can based on that rule. Once you run out of cards that match the rule, you’re then given the previous rule just listed as a number, and you have to remember what it was. Soon, you will have to keep a handle on ten different rules, and the order in which they appear, which you will now face in reverse. It’s quite a challenge, and to increase the difficulty, you’re given just 20 seconds, that will be maintained through the game. You earn eight seconds for completing each game board, and you want to do so as quickly as possible to maintain as much time as you can going into the next level. Also, you’re score is based on the time remaining after each clearance, and how many mistakes you made.

There is simply so much to like about Rules! highlighted by the unique gameplay mechanic to offer an all new puzzle challenge that will keep you coming back for more. The rules are so varied, and yet logical to help your brain work under the time constraints to handle clearing off the ten different cards. The fit and finish of the game design is also worth appreciating, as are the smooth touch controls for highly responsive feedback when your fingers are rapidly flying around the screen. It’s the same set of rules each time you play, which makes for a bit of a repetitive feel on the one hand, but on the flip side it also helps you memorize the rules to perform that much better. As soon as you lose, you want to jump back in, and try again to maximize your time with your new found comfort in how the rules will be presented.

Rules! ($1.99, iPhone) is an excellently crafted new puzzle idea that will no doubt get you to absolutely love following the rules.


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