Sand Pictures

3.5 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal: 3.5/5

Relaxing screen saver | Creates art

Needs more manipulation | Simple

App Info

APP NAME: Sand Pictures

DEVELOPER(S): Majic Jungle Software

GENRE(S): Entertainment

RELEASE DATE(S): May 18th, 2011

I had an iPhone all the way back in the Dark Ages (Pre App Store). With that iPhone I found a neat web app that was a falling sand simulator that allowed you to manipulate the sand with your finger. A long time has passed since then, including an App Store and two iPads, but I’ve never found a sand falling app that I could spend as much time with. That might change thanks to Sand Pictures, which is reminiscent of those little desk toys that could be flipped around to shift the falling sand.

Sand Pictures’ purpose is really two fold as it acts as a relaxing manipulation tool as well as art. You can set your iPad up on your desk, launch Sand Pictures, and just let it act as a zen like screen saver. At any time you can start moving your finger on screen to manipulate the sand directly, or affect the way it drops. You can tap with one finger to place bubbles, that hold up parts of the sand, and let other parts drop.

You can also swipe up with two fingers to change the color of the sand, and swipe across with two fingers to change the background image. Sand Pictures allows all kinds of customization to truly make it your own. After all the sand has fallen, whether automatically over about 30 minutes or manually with manipulation, you have sand art. Every single image looks different, and you can tweak it in all the ways listed above.

As soon as your image is complete, you can save it, rotate your iPad, and start all over. The app works in any orientation, and the only thing more you could want is more powerful sand manipulation. The app is effortless to use with such a well designed user interface that fits perfectly with the iPad. Sand Pictures isn’t the most complex app around, but it does provide a unique experience within its simple scope.

Sand Pictures ($0.99, iPad) has all the makings to be a fixture on your iPad for quite awhile. Sand Pictures is definitely worth picking up for the minimal $1 price tag.


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