Satellina – Touching An All New Puzzle Flow

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Fun challenge of motion puzzles | Smooth touch controls | Nice difficulty curve

Can cause finger burn | Goes by pretty quick


Touch can allow for all new types of games, and it’s up to developers to take advantage of all that can be done with it. Satellina is a new arcade puzzle challenge that revolves around touch allowing you to maneuver your finger through a collection of colored dots. The challenge comes from the fact that the colored dots continuously move around. Not only that, but there are multiple sets of colored dots that you have to collect in order. You need to collect the green dots first, and then the yellow dots, and finally the red dots, with each subsequent color changing to green, once it’s the target.
Satellina offers a simple mechanic that becomes nice, and challenging as you need to maneuver through the moving colors to collect just the color you need. The game is all about touch, as you use one finger to move a single white orb through the different colors to collect the proper ones. There’s great precision so that the orb moves exactly where you want it to whether you put your finger directly on top, or have it offset, so that your finger doesn’t obstruct your view. The only real drawback is that your finger can start to burn once you get hooked into the game, which will very likely happen.

There are 50 levels included of various collections, and motion patterns of the colored dots. There’s a great difficulty curve to keep the challenge high, and to make every move so precarious as you snake through the moving colored dots. Each set of levels includes five different challenges, and your goal is to complete all five in under 2.5 minutes, with replaying levels adding to your cumulative time. The time mechanic gives you incentive to come back as well as compare your scores. All of the action is presented with a minimalistic design that really emphasizes the changing colors, and motion patterns.

Satellina ($1.99, Universal) is a great touch based challenge that is well worth picking up.

$1.99, Universal


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