Saturday Morning RPG – Personality Packed Pixels

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Personality packed into every pixel | Great turn based battles | A whole lot to enjoy

Tutorial is a bit extended | Battles can blend together a bit

There’s nothing quite like the classic Saturday morning cartoons, and the late Eighties early Nineties were full of some great ones. Saturday Morning RPG is a shout out to those classic cartoons and commercials, and the game is retro inspired in multiple ways. The gameplay revolves around turn based strategy encounters where you perform various moves, and defend against your enemies’ attacks. Each battle offers great gameplay, and this type of turn based action is rarely seen on iOS.

It’s an engrossing experience to say the least, and you can just keep going from battle to battle. You begin by exploring the caves around evil Commander Hood’s base as you attempt to get your girlfriend back. The game mashes up 8-bit graphics with more present day flair as you explore the caves and run into new enemies. The turn based battles are extra special because all of your abilities are tied to various items from the eighties. You get to unleash a pack of Fruit Stripe Zebras, do a Care Bear rainbow attack, toss a compact disk, or unleash a sparkling one glove move among many more.

After each battle you get to go to your note book to switch out your special items, look at quests, and change up your strength, defense, and health. You can adjust your notebook cover and add scratch and sniff stickers to apply your various experience points. The entire game is made for touch whether your scratching the stickers, tapping to charge your powers, or tapping through your items, enemies, and notebook. The game is free to download and enjoy, and you’ll likely be hooked by all the fun that’s included. You get episode one to play through, and episode 2 is $1.99, so don’t download the game unless you expect to pay $1.99, because you’ll definitely want to after playing.

Saturday Morning RPG (Free, Universal) is an outstanding shout-out to the past that perfectly combines it with elements of today and such enjoyable turn based battles.


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