Scraps for iPhone – Jotting Down Your Ideas Anytime

1.5 Overall Score
Usability: 1.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1/5

Lets you effortless jot down ideas | Polished interface

Doesn't offer any unique features | Extremely redundant | Lacking compared to many other note apps

So many ideas can pop in our heads on a daily basis, and yet we have our iPhones with us to help jot down some of those ideas for later. Scraps for iPhone is all about helping you jot down those ideas in one central location. It’s a very good idea so you can write down things that may not seem to have value in the present, but you will always have them for later. You can also just write up snippets of thoughts to flesh out the details later. There are so many potential possibilities, and Scraps provides a category set-up to organize your ideas into specific topics.

The highlight of Scraps is the super simple interface which simply provides a topics list, and a note creation button. Once you create a note, the interface resembles the Twitter & Facebook integration in iOS 6 with a small notepad above the keyboard to type. There’s also the ability to add photos, tag location, mark as favorite, and assign to category all from the note taking window. The combination of photo, location, and text can really make you mark down something real simple, and let it spark the full idea when you access the note later on.

The app also features the full scrapbox to see all your notes, and from there you have access to the same options in the note taking screen. Scraps can be used in so many different ways, but that’s because it’s so simple that it’s malleable into various circumstances. With that said, it may be too simple for its own good leaving very few unique aspects to provide incentive to use it over a number of similar utilities in the App Store. In fact, it doesn’t do much more than the stock notes app from Apple, and you could always use Evernote for free instead. Scraps is a neat idea, but the idea isn’t fleshed out enough to warrant Scraps being used over any other choice.

Scraps for iPhone ($0.99, iPhone) is a quick, and easy way to jot down notes, but that option already exists on the iPhone out of the box, with many more free feature rich note taking apps out there. Scraps doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself leaving it worth skipping. This is another example of an app that doesn’t top Apple’s own offering, which should be the first place any third party app developer starts if they’re offering a similar service.


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