Sentinel 4: Dark Star – Battling Against A Wave Of Tower Defense

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Well made | Plenty of features | Easy to play | A lot of space to defend

Bland tower defense | More of the same | Eyes can gloss over while playing


The Sentinel series has been part of the App Store since its inception, and now there’s a brand new version in the form of Sentinel 4: Dark Star. The fourth installment maintains the familiar fixed path tower defense style, and refines it even further. There are 26 unique maps spread across an alien world, and yet you will feel right at home placing towers, and defeating the invading waves. We have seen so many tower defense games since the first Sentinel was released, and the genre may have reached the point of over saturation.
Sentinel 4 tries to keep things fresh with new enemy types that can destroy your towers. There are also new defenses at your disposal including drones that can be placed on the paths, missiles that can be launched from your ship, or hero units that can act as the last line of defense. There’s a lot going on, and this is the type of tower defense game that relies on a few very strong units, rather than just a ton of towers. Sentinel 4 includes the obvious strategy that comes in tower defense, and you will need to activate upgrades, and special abilities at the right time.

With all that is included in Sentinel 4, there’s still no way of escaping that same old tower defense feel. The game feels like just another in a long line, and that sets the stage for inherent redundancy. Sentinel 4 doesn’t do anything particularly ground breaking, and instead offers you more of the same with new graphics, and new features. The biggest problem is that you’re left mainly watching to the point that your eyes can gloss over, or you activate 3x speed to fast forward through the monotony. There will be tough stretches, but most of the waves are rather boring with your arsenal fully capable of handling what comes your way. It’s not that Sentinel 4 is bad, it’s just more of the same, while still being particularly bland.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star ($4.99, Universal) has an App Store pedigree that simply doesn’t hold in this day and age of the App Store. It’s well put together, but the end result is a rather lifeless gaming experience making it one to skip.

$4.99, Universal


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