Shatoetry – William Shatner Phrasing In…Your…Pocket

2.5 Overall Score
Usability: 3/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Easy controls | Amusing idea | Neat multiplayer integration

Quickly wears thin | Not much personality to the delivery | Not much use after a few tries

William Shatner has played all types of rolls, but no matter what he does he will always be remembered for playing James Tiberius Kirk on the original Star Trek. The one consistent view on William Shatner is his oft mocked delivery with great pauses for effect. It’s mocked to the extreme with varying pace and emphasis through any quote he delivers, and now you can create your own. Shatoetry is the official William Shatner app that lets you drag and drop words in what ever order you feel for him to speak it back.

The app features over 400 words with three different deliveries for each word allowing you to experiment. The result is known as a “Shatism”, and they’re effortless to create. You drag and drop the words from the bottom tray, tap on them to pick between deliveries, and add ellipsis for pauses between words. You can throw any words together to create thought provoking sentences, random collections of words, messages, phrases, statements, haiku, and really anything.

You can share the results from this completely unique app, and there’s connectivity to social networks as well as iMessage. Williams Shatner could deliver your messages for you fwith a much more dramatic delivery. Shatoetry also includes online multiplayer in that you can take turns with a friend or random opponent through Game Center to compose a collaborative Shatism. It’s a pretty interesting and enjoyable app, though after you try a few it’s not all that intriguing to create new ones. It’s based on the fact that mock Shatner impressions do get stale after about five seconds, and even his own voice in this mash-up doesn’t last much longer.

Shatoetry ($2.99, iPhone) is a neat idea that wearsthin…far…too…quickly.


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