Shelf Backgrounds – Beautiful Shelves For Your iPhone

3.5 Overall Score
Usability: 3/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Beautiful retina shelf wallpapers | Such imaginative designs | So many to choose from

Just a wallpaper app | No way to bookmark backgrounds for later

App Info

APP NAME: Shelf Backgrounds

DEVELOPER(S): AppTao, Inc.

GENRE(S): Utilities

RELEASE DATE(S): January 22nd, 2011

One of the best ways to display the apps on your iOS device is with a shelf style wallpaper. Shelf Backgrounds features over 1,000 different shelf backgrounds for iOS devices, and all of them are retina quality. You can try to search online for similar styles, but most of those online aren’t full retina quality, nor are there near as many. Online searches produce about five good ones depending on keywords, and most in this app I’ve never seen before. You can save any to your camera roll, and change wallpapers all the time with new shelves.

There is any style you can think of with iBooks style bookshelf, glass shelves, futuristic shelves, and beautifully colored 3D style worlds for your apps to sit on. Your apps really take center stage with the shelf style, and some of these should be included standard in the settings. The app provides a smooth interface to see nine wallpapers at once, and then quickly preview any one of interest. It’s enjoyable simply looking for your next iPhone wallpaper, and this app could provide years worth of outstanding wallpapers. Almost every one is unique, and absolutely stunning to have on your device.

Shelf Backgrounds ($0.99, iPhone / Free Lite version) just may be the best wallpaper app in the App Store, and is easily worth a download even if it’s just the free version. There’s no doubt you’ll find multiple backgrounds that you’ll love seeing with your apps, and the toughest part is deciding which wallpaper to use. The app may not be ground breaking, improve productivity, or provide hours of enjoyment, but it will improve your iOS experience. Just looking at beautiful shelves each time you unlock your iPhone, makes the app well worth it.


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