Six O’Clock High – Old School Aerial Combat

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1.5/5

2D arcade action | Smooth one touch controls | Well made

Relatively passive | Exceedingly repetitive | Not very engaging


It’s time to take to the skies in a new aerial combat game for iOS, titled Six O’Clock High. There are a few different aerial dogfighting games on iOS with deluxe 3D battles, turn based strategy, and 2D arcade games. Six O’Clock High falls into the latter category, and is instantly reminiscent of MiniSquadron. Your goal is to blast enemy ace pilots out of the sky by pulling off loops at high speeds while always trying to gain the better position. The action is at a maximum due to the 2D nature, so that there’s less space for any plane to hide. All of the action is delivered through a unique art style that is retro inspired, and there’s also a deluxe big band electro soundtrack.
The main game revolves around surviving for as long as you can, with an endless supply of more difficult waves. There are some boss battles in the form of tougher enemy pilots, and Zeppelin blimps along the way. As you progress, there are 14 aircraft upgrades to help you last for as long as possible. Each wave is set-up so that there are about three to four enemies on screen at once. The main problem is the endless aspect as there isn’t much incentive to keep playing the game after you lose. It’s the same wave set-up to start off every single time, which becomes repetitive pretty quickly.

The game does offer a smooth one touch control scheme allowing you to tap where you want your plan to fly, or simply drag your finger for a more hands-on approach. It’s definitely easy to control the action, but with that said, it might be too simple. It’s a relatively passive approach, as there’s not much you can actually control, as firing is automatic, and you end up just looping around over, and over to get behind enemy planes. Also, I can’t help, but compare the game to MiniSquadron with such a similar 2D style, but that 2009 game blows Six O’Clock High away with greater action, actual level set-ups, alternating environments, unlockable planes, and more precise controls.

Six O’Clock High ($0.99, Universal) looks promising on the surface, but doesn’t fly high enough in the App Store to be worth recommending. If you’re interested in the style, be sure to pick up MiniSquadron if you still haven’t.


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