Skee-Ball 2 – Now Rolling With Friends

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Superb touch controls | Super authentic physics | Great 3D design | Surprising amount of replay

Still the same base gameplay | Game is designed to freemium

Skee-Ball is an absolute classic Boardwalk game, as well as a classic iOS game. Now, there’s Skee-Ball 2 that takes the original to all new levels while maintaining the best parts of the first installment. You simply flick the screen to roll the ball up the ramp into one of the seven cups ranging from 10-100 points. The original has good touch controls, but the sequel has great touch controls with such precision to really roll the ball where you want to, and you can also tilt for a little tweaking while the ball is in the air.

The original also has a great design, but Skee-Ball 2 is even finer with enhanced 3D modeling and physics engine so that the ball reacts with the cups just as you would expect. There are also brand new lighting effects to further enhance the ultra realistic look and feel of Skee-Ball, but on your iOS device. The basic game is relatively the same, but it has been for over 100 years. You still get to earn tickets which can be used to buy virtual prizes as well as different ball and lane designs to actually play with.

The main new addition is online multiplayer that turns Skee-Ball into turn based fun with three rounds of head to head action. Your goal is simply get a better score than your opponent in each round, and the best two out of three wins. It’s a whole new element to Skee-Ball that perfectly fits iOS allowing you to play Skee-Ball with anyone, and anywhere. Skee-Ball 2 also incorporates power-ups allowing for double points, multi-ball, or replay which can be used in single or multiplayer. The power-ups cost tokens which can be earned by making the ball into a randomly glowing hole, and they can really boost your score. The original offered a multiplier with the glowing holes, but the sequel uses power-ups, although they can give an advantage to someone who spends money.

The entire game is set-up to be freemium even though it costs $0.99 at the moment as you can buy tokens and tickets, though both are completely optional. Still though, power-ups can make a big difference in online multiplayer. Everything in the game is designed to keep you coming back to play the same basic game of Skee-Ball, and it does a surprisingly good job. The Game Center achievements and multiplayer are simply outstanding, and all of the collectible lanes, balls, and prizes give you something new to shoot for.

Skee-Ball 2 ($0.99, Universal) enhances every single aspect of the original with silky smooth touch controls, ultra authentic physics engine, remarkable 3D design, and an all new multiplayer component. Skee-Ball 2 is worth the price of admission that you will roll a ton of enjoyment out of.


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