Sketch Nation Studio – Make Your Own iOS Game

4.5 Overall Score
Usability: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Super friendly UI | Make an entire game on your iOS device | Draw your own artwork

Games are on the basic side | Drawing interface is a bit tedious

Have you ever wanted to create your own iOS game, but don’t have the slightest idea of how to code? Well now you can thanks to Sketch Nation Studio, which lets you create a game right on your iOS device to be played on an iOS device with no code required. It’s an amazing idea that is executed brilliantly with a super friendly user interface so anyone can make a game in just a couple of minutes.

You begin by selecting one of the five included genres, with side running, jumping, flying, or jumping up or down. Next you can choose simple or advance mode with simple mode letting you create a full game in five easy steps, and under two minutes. In advanced mode you have more customization options, but is still as easy as can be. The neatest part is that you can draw your characters, enemies, and backgrounds right on your iPad to be used in the game you’re making. There’s also the option to take a picture of your sketch on paper, and you can also import photoshop files.

After making the artwork, you then get to select the options for the game including player movement, enemy locations, power-up styles, background speed, object sizes, and a few animation options. You then can test your creation, and tweak it from there. Once you like your product, you can then submit it to the Sketch Nation allowing your friends and others to play your creation. You can even submit the game to the developers, Engineous Games, for a chance for your game to be published on the App Store.

The app is one of the most user friendly tools I’ve come across, and it allows for game development in the way Apple has made movie and music making with iMovie and GarageBand. Since, everything is so simple, the resulting games are relatively rudimentary, but they’re your games. If that wasn’t enough, you can also access Sketch Nation to look for other users’ games, and you can download and play those.

Sketch Nation Studio (Free, Universal) just may be the best utility in the App Store, and is somehow free to completely create and submit games. There are in-app purchases for very optional sketch bucks which manage downloading other people’s games, but there’s no limit to your creations. Sketch Nation Studio is a must download that makes creating games just as fun as playing them.


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