Ski Safari – New Endless That’s SkiFree For iOS?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

High quality endless gameplay | Ride animals and perform backflips | SkiFree for iOS

Lacks incentive to keep skiing | Could use some unlockables

If you’re living in a cabin up on snow covered peaks, you hate to hear any rumbling sound. In Ski Safari, Sven is woken from sleep with an avalanche at this backdoor, and there’s only one thing he can do, and that’s ski. Ski Safari is a brand new endless runner where you ski down the slopes trying to stay ahead of the relentless avalanche. Along the way you’ll run into penguins, eagles, snowmobiles, and even Yetis. Sven can use all of them to speed his decent in an attempt to avoid the avalanche a little longer.

The game is reminiscent of a number of endless titles including Tiny Wings, Solipskier, and Jetpack Joyride as you ski down slopes and shooting for various challenges. When you complete challenges, they contribute to improve your max multiplier allowing you to score higher as you accomplish the challenges. It’s simply another high score endless runner, but there are a number of little things that help it stand out. The animal power-ups change the game considerably, and they’re great to see in action. Also, you have the ability to perform backflips, and there are cabins, huge drops, clouds, ramps, and billboards to interact with.

Ski Safari isn’t ground breaking by any means, and is really just another in a long line of endless runners. The game is finely polished, and there’s a great pace during your descent to make for an engaging experience. It would be nice to see some unlockable elements where it be new areas to ski, new animals to ride, or Game Center achievements. The base gameplay is definitely enjoyable, but there isn’t much to keep you skiing away from the avalanche.

Ski Safari ($0.99, Universal) is definitely worth the low price of admission, and definitely packs some enjoyment into the simple game. A few tweaks here and there could make this game even better, to sit among the great endless games in the App Store. Overall though, the game feels like the iOS version of Ski Free, and that can’t be a bad thing.


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