Skyhill – Using Strategy To Survive A Mutated Hotel

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Nice strategic choices | Neat theme | Well thought out gameplay progression

Could use more carry over between runs | Floors kind of merge with similar expereinces


Imagine if your hotel was overrun by mutants, and you’re on the 100th floor. That’s the scenario in the new iOS game Skyhill. You’re staying in the penthouse suite of the Skyhill hotel during World War III, and you need to get out as your supplies are running out. Skyhill is a strategic survival game as you descend each floor of the hotel not knowing what you will encounter. There is a room to the left and right of the stair well that you can explore, and you need to constantly balance exploration and survival. It costs one point of your hunger meter for each room that you visit, and you could find food and health supplies, or come across an empty room, or even worse, a room with a mutant.
Skyhill consistently presents you with tough decisions as you constantly need food and health supplies, but to gather more, it will cost you. Most of the mutants you come across will be in the stairwell, and you can’t move on until you defeat them. The mutant in side rooms can be left alone, but you can always gain experience by defeating mutants. Skyhill includes a crafting system to make more powerful weapons and useful objects. There’s also a Roguelike set-up with a random layout each time you play with perks to start out with. You also have the choice to repair the electricity and elevator on select floors to return to the 100th floor for rest. There are three different difficulty levels to choose from, and it’s worth noting that normal will result in quite a few deaths.

The heart of the game is strategic decisions, but there’s still turn based combat with the mutants. Each enemy has their own attributes, and you have options in how to attack with different targeted areas offering varying percentages of success and damage potential. It all adds up for a significantly challenging experience, especially if you want to clear the entire Skyhill hotel. Supplies are always at a premium, and it’s great to see the experience develop as you descend each flight of stairs. The floors can blend together a bit, and it would be nice to have more items roll over after you die to help you feel like you can progress further in your next run.

Skyhill ($2.99, Universal) delivers an enjoyable strategy experience that is well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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