SlamBots – Slamming Quarters Into The Machine

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced fun | Intrinsic replay factor | Great retro design & mentality

Almost the same set-up every time | Could use optional variations


Get ready to be transported to the arcade of yesteryear with the brand new SlamBots for iOS. It’s an action packed high score assault that is all about slamming everything on screen. Just like the classic arcade, the extra features are stripped out to focus on thoroughly enjoyable and engaging gameplay above all else. All of the action couldn’t be easier with super precise tilt controls to move your character exactly where you want. The controls need to be so simple to handle the surprising onslaught of difficulty that can catch you off guard from simple beginnings.
Each time you play, it’s the same set-up with four platforms on the side of the screen, and your main character that bounces automatically. Flying enemies continually pop-up, and your goal is to gain the high ground, so you can come crashing down on their heads. It’s classic arena action, and the close quarters allow for constant action where one wrong move can end your game. The game is titled SlamBots for a reason as you can hold the screen to slam on an enemy’s head which increases your combo multiplier. The game is all about score, so slamming at just the right time is key as you bounce from one enemy to another. Along the way there are more and more enemies on screen at once as well as transforming platforms that can aid or hurt you.

It’s such a simple set-up, but the game has a great intrinsic replay factor as each time you start, you think you can beat your previous best, not to mention your Game Center friends. To add to the replay, there’s a whole suite of unlockables including two new arenas, five different characters, five slamming bases, and a number of power-ups. The one problem here is that the coin cost of unlockables is quite considerable on top of a $1.99 game. slambots3 Still, it gives you a constant supply of items to shoot for to keep the slamming action going. The other main drawback is that the simplicity is both a positive, and detriment as it is essentially the same game every time. Even the population of enemy waves is expected, and there are just no alterations to the base formula.

Through it all, it’s entertaining above all else to create a game that you can just keep coming back to for short bursts of fun. There’s just such a great supply of fast paced action as you slam four flying enemies consecutively, and then go to the ground floor to smash them again all while maintaining your slam combo to rack up points. The retro theme is also infused so well from the outstanding pixel artwork to the perfectly set chiptunes.

SlamBots ($1.99, Universal) is just great fast paced fun that is perfect for quick pick up and play anytime at all that is worth the price of admission for a slamming good time.


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