Sleepwalker’s Journey – A Surprisingly Lively Jaunt

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Surprisingly challenging gameplay | Beautiful design | Finely crafted for iOS | Nice objectives

A bit slow moving | Levels share a lot | Could use a bit more variety

The best part of dreams is that anything is possible, and a game set in a dreamworld allows for amazing design. Sleepwalker’s Journey comes from the makers of Anomaly Warzone Earth, and Funky Smugglers, and is another change of pace creation for 11-bit studios. The game is a block sliding puzzle platformer where drowsy moonboy sleepwalks automatically, and you need to make sure his path forward is safe. The gameplay style is a bit reminiscent of A Wonderland Story, but still plenty unique as you raise and lower platforms, turn on and off fans, launch cannons, deal with enemies, and more.

Sleepwalker’s Journey features 45 levels across three unique dreamworlds, and what starts out so simple becomes subtly complex. It’s amazing to see the difficulty ramp up because the first few levels are so easy that you wouldn’t think the game could get any tougher. The more challenging levels are great to encounter as they offer intricate puzzles to figure out. As you clear the path for moonboy, you also try to direct him to all of the stars in the level as well as three moon pieces with both elements increasing the challenge.

One of the neatest aspects of the level design is that there’s more than one way to solve the given puzzle layout. The game also features a great rewind and fast forward button, so you can go back a second or two after making a mistake. In addition to collecting all of the items, there’s also a countdown timer, so you will need to fast forward button, and trying to complete the collectibles and time constraints are what truly make the challenge. The game fits perfectly on iOS with the touch controls, and as stated earlier, the art design is simply beautiful.

Sleepwalker’s Journey ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad) is truly a great iOS experience that becomes surprisingly challenging and engaging making it a should buy.


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