Slingshot Racing – Slingin’ Into A Brand New Experience

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Brand new game mechanic | Imaginative racing experience | | Lots of content | Amazing design

Only local multiplayer | Time trials are much tougher than races | Somewhat repetitive

It takes a special game to truly stand out in the tried and true racing genre with so many different games blending together. Slingshot Racing does indeed stand out by introducing a brand new one touch control mechanic that fits perfectly on iOS. On each track, there are anchor points which you can latch on to just by tapping the screen. You latch on with a rope, and slingshot around curves, and then release your finger to go on to the next part of the track.

It’s such a brilliant game mechanic that allows for simplicity, high speeds, and a direct connection to the action on screen. Rather than simply tapping gas and break buttons, and tilting to steer, you need to focus on momentum on every curve with the slingshot mechanic. Timing is so important both when you initiate the slingshot, and when you disengage so that you can minimize your curve, and slingshot out to the straightaway. The tracks are plenty intricate as well with multiple curves where some anchor points need a long sling, and others a slight sling.

The game provides multiple ways to enjoy the great game mechanic with 64 career races, and four different game modes. There are traditional races, time trial runs, token collection tracks, and chomper mode where you outrun the crushing machine. There’s great variability from race to race to always keep things interesting whether it’s a different mode, new track, or the same track but in the opposite direction. The game has a beautiful design as well with a steampunk theme on luminescent ice tracks that all shine on retina displays.

Slingshot Racing ($0.99, Universal) fires on all cylinders to make such an excellent iOS experience. It combines the strategy of DrawRace 2, the small car action and collisions of Mini Motor Racing, and the wonderfully unique Slingshot Racing mechanic for an unmatched racer. Slingshot Racing is a must buy that will have you hooked from the first slingshot.


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