Small Street – Building A Tiny Strip Mall

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Feels fresh despite Tiny Tower similarities | Plenty of personality & charm | Great added subtleties

Shares many aspects to Tiny Tower | Only just over 40 buildings

There’s always a question once games become popular, and new games are released seemingly based upon the original popular title. For instance, there was Flight Control, and then copies, and now it’s become a path drawing genre. There was Angry Birds, plenty of copies, and now a slinging physics puzzle genre. The newest App Store craze is Tiny Tower followed by the direct copy from Zynga, Dream Heights. Small Street is Glu’s take on Tiny Tower, and there are definite similarities to Tiny Tower including building up a sustained economy where residents work at the buildings.

Small Street’s main focus is building horizontally rather than vertically so that you’re building a strip mall. The entire game feels like Mega Mall Story and Tiny Tower combined with a few nuances to keep it fresh. Small Street does feature stocking and staffing businesses with three staff & products per business as well as dream jobs, a taxi to transport people, requests to find people, and different skilled workers. Despite the similarities, Small Street feels just enough different to provide another engaging freemium business building experience.

The best aspect is that Small Street takes a page from Tiny Tower in being very generous when it comes to earning the in-app currency. There are credits to speed everything up, and you earn them at a very quick pace just like in Tiny Tower. Also, buildings restock relatively quickly to keep you playing the game, and there is a continuous supply of taxi requests. There is plenty of style and charm packed into each building and character as well, and one of the best aspects is seeing all the shoppers bustling about the street. There are also new tasks all the time for bonuses, as well as the ability to upgrade the stock of all of your businesses. You also have the ability to build rooftop items which can add an extra resident or improve business sales.

Small Street (Free, Universal) does just enough to provide a fresh experience that will get you hooked just as much as Tiny Tower. Small Street is a great addition to your iOS device that you can fully enjoy for free, and simply provides so much to do. Also, it’s worth noting that there may indeed be a genre sprouting from Tiny Tower, and it’s always interesting to see it go from clones to genre.


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