Sneaky Sneaky – A Steal Of A Deal In The App Store

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Great stealth adventure | A ton to play through | Nice level variety | Combining strategy

Some levels are quite tedious | The enemies can be frustrating with little annoyances


It’s time to put on your stealth cloak in the new iOS game Sneaky Sneaky. It’s a stealth based adventure that requires you to help Sneaky reclaim the treasure that he already stole. The games combines real time, and turn based strategy into one allowing you to position Sneaky freely until you get into a tight situation, where turn based kicks in. Every level is a lengthy journey through multiple rooms that continue to test you with fresh challenges. There are 15 different enemy types that continue to change the strategy required to defeat them.
There’s a lengthy campaign to make your way through, and it all comes down to plotting the best way through each room to always try to get the jump on your enemies. You will hide behind bushes, dive into haystacks, launch arrows as distractions, and more to counteract enemies that fly, hide in the sand, or destroy cover. The best part of Sneaky Sneaky is that there isn’t one right way to get through a room as you can choose between a stealth approach, direct attack, complete avoidance, or a mixture. Your only real goal is to collect three gems per level, and make it to the exit with any stealth kills only adding to your score at the end.

The game is set up like a 2D puzzle platformer version of Assassin’s Creed, and that is definitely a good thing. It’s a great experience to jump out of the shadows to get an enemy that has been frustrating you. When the enemies spot you, and do their own attack, it’s also nice to have your turn to levee some damage. Sneaky Sneaky includes subtle RPG elements to enhance your abilities, and there are also unlockable specials. There’s a whole lot to enjoy accented by a great cartoon art style to bring the world to life. The game isn’t without its flaws as there are some tedious stretches in specific levels as you have to backtrack, or wait on an enemy. The enemies can also be a little frustrating in how sometimes they can spot you, or move seemingly just to stay away from you.

Sneaky Sneaky ($2.99, Universal) is a great stealth adventure that is well worth picking up for an engaging challenge that is a steal of a deal.

$2.99, Universal


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