Soccer Stars – Shooting For The Online Multiplayer Cup

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Great online multiplayer | Intense challenges | Deluxe physics engine

Same set-up each time | If you're not very good, you can run out of coins


Soccer is trending for the next couple of weeks, and consequently there are a ton of soccer themed games for iOS. One in particular is Soccer Stars, which comes from Miniclip, and offers a similar style to 8-Ball Pool mixed with shuffle board. Each team has five players, which are simply discs, to slingshot around the field. Your goal is to knock the soccer ball into the opponent’s net by any means necessary while taking into account collisions, force of shots, and banking off of walls. There’s a deluxe physics engine in play for authentic reactions to all of the knocking around of the ball, players, and walls.
The heart of Soccer Stars is real time online multiplayer allowing you to go head to head with players around the world. The online connections are silky smooth, and there’s a large user base, so there’s always someone to play, with quick start-up times. There’s also a number of ways to play with five unlockable tiers tied to different country set-ups with higher risk/reward payouts for each match you win, or lose. Not only is there simple head to head, but there are also tournaments to enter. You can play against Facebook friends as well as on the same device. The highlight is the online multiplayer as it allows for a shifting challenge going against others that want to win just as much as you do.

There are plenty of features, but it’s the gameplay that makes Soccer Stars shine. Each match comes down to who ever scores two goals first, so every shot matters, since you can only give up one goal, and still win. The field is condensed down to the size of the screen for a foosball style atmosphere, but with the free flowing shuffle board style. There’s a surprising amount of strategy as you try to position your five discs to protect your goal, while still keeping some offensive potential. The game field continuously shifts around based upon the collisions, so you need to constantly adjust your aim while protecting your goal, and taking advantage of your opponent’s players that are out of position. It’s simply fun to knock the soccer ball around with a pool style challenge mixed with the chaotic flow of shuffle board.

Soccer Stars (Free, Universal) offers a great online competitive gaming experience that you will no doubt enjoy. The game is free to play with optional coins, and bucks, which thankfully don’t let you buy advantages, and instead just cosmetic enhancements.


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