Socioball – Sharing An Enjoyable Puzzle

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Well balanced puzzle challenge | Quality level editor | Potential for tons more levels

A bit on the simple side | Could use more variation on the base mechanic


Puzzle games aren’t the most social type of games, but don’t tell that to Socioball. It’s a new iOS puzzle game that cultivates challenge, creativity, and sharing into a relatively unique creation. The heart of the game is to place missing tiles in the right spots to guide the ball to the finish line in a given level. It’s not that easy, as you’re soon introduced to all kinds of tile types including curves, jumps, transporters, switches, and more. You usually need to place these special tile types, and they have specific positions to help the ball reach the finish.
There are over 60 levels included from the developers that offer a nice balance of difficulty, and wide appeal to varied types of players. There’s a nice progression of challenge as new tiles are introduced, and then combined to keep things fresh. There’s some trial, and error involved, but more often it’s about thinking how the ball will interact as it moves through the level, and figuring out what tile needs to go where. Once you have the tiles in place, you can send the ball through the course, and then tweak it, if necessary. It’s neat to see the ball interact with the various tiles, and each new level gives a new treat to solve, and then watch in motion.

You can fully enjoy Socioball as a single player puzzle challenge. What makes the game social is the inclusion of a level creator for you, and anyone to make their own levels. The game uses Twitter to let you share your creation, as well as receive a friend’s creations. You can even access any shared levels to greatly increase the number of levels in the game beyond 60. The level editor is also worth commending for its sheer ease of use to entice you, and others to make levels to give everyone more to play. Everything about Socioball is highly polished to just keep you going from level to level. There’s some simplicity at times, and the level variation doesn’t really change the base mechanic, but it’s still an engaging new puzzle experience.

Socioball ($2.99, Universal) is an entertaining new puzzle game with nice challenge today, and the potential for more later making it well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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