Space Marshals 2 – Does It Warrant Your Attention Again?

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Thoroughly engaging shooter gameplay | Outstanding design | A little thought with the shooting

Firing control can be a bit deliberate | Not too different than the original

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The Marshals service isn’t as gun blazing today as it once was. Space Marshals is a game that brings back the Wild West on distance planets. The original launched back in January 2015, and now there’s the brand new sequel Space Marshals 2. The sequel continues the style of the original with a top down shooter adventure that gives you dual stick controls, and a story based adventure to play through. Both editions emphasize tactical combat to allow you to take out enemies from behind with stealth, as well as flank enemies and take cover.
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Space Marshals was a definite stand out in 2015, and continuing the story with an all new adventure isn’t a bad thing. The original and sequel are quite similar, although the sequel does emphasize a bit more fluid action. It seems more is happening at once, and it’s easier to manage all that’s going on. The sequel makes the original feel a tick slow, and that allows for a more engaging overall experience. Space Marshals 2 presents relatively expansive mission maps with numerous pockets of enemies. There are also blockades, transitions, and bosses to contend with across the 20 deluxe missions.

Once again, the theme is executed extremely well, and the graphics engine is even improved to really stand out in 2016. The gameplay is the ultimate highlight as you are fully immersed in taking out every single enemy. It’s great to have a little strategy involved in a shooter as you duck behind cover, circle around structures, and constantly choose between stealth and funds blazing. There’s never a dull moment, and it’s great to see the dual stick shooter set-up used for a flowing adventure and storyline. The controls are even context sensitive to transform the movement control to interact with items, and change the attack button for different guns or grenades. The only problem is that you need to be a bit deliberate to shoot at times as you need to drag and release to fire, and sometimes the shot can be cancelled if you don’t drag far enough. That’s a minor hiccup that can result in you taking damage. Through it all, it’s an iOS game that you will want to play through in its entirety, and you will enjoy the entire journey.

Space Marshals 2 ($5.99, Universal) delivers a deluxe iOS experience that is highly enjoyable, and a must have.

$5.99, Universal


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