Sparkle 2: Evo – You Are What You Eat

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 1.5/5

Interesting evolution theme | Beautiful world design

Tedious gameplay | Repetitive nature | As simple as can be which causes boredom

Game Info

APP NAME: Sparkle 2: EVO

DEVELOPER(S): Forever Entertainment

GENRE(S): Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): November 29th, 2011

There are a number of games that look to extend beyond the confines of a game, and create a full on experience. Sparkle 2: Evo is one such game, and it focuses on an immersive primordial goo dreamscape style environment. Your goal is to progress the evolution of your single celled organism, and it’s all dependent upon what you eat. There are three colored elements to eat, and the color you focus on changes your creature accordingly.

The game theme and style is reminiscent of Osmos and Spore Origins as you keep growing your simple organism by eating what’s smaller, and avoiding what’s bigger than you. Every element you eat builds your organism up, so you can see the progress to the next level by the glowing threshold of the organism. If you eat more green than anything else, you switch to a green creature, and likewise for red and blue. Each colored creature has different attributes, style, and special ability so you need to eat accordingly. There are 13 sprawling environments to swim through, and there’s a certain amount of each color per level, and you advance once you eat all of just one of the colors.

After the first couple of levels, there are other organisms to deal with beyond just the food elements, and you need to avoid the bigger ones. Your progress up to this point will impact how your organism can attack and defend itself from the others. It’s very neat how seemingly simple choices can have a big impact on the game. The main problem though, is that the game is increasingly tedious without much action on screen, and such repetitive action. You simply drag your finger on screen to move and run into food and other organisms to eat them.

Your finger will start to burn after dragging your finger so often, and the pace of the game is on the slow side. You need to drag your finger pretty hard to get going, and then there’s a lot of swimming with nothing else on screen besides your organism. The levels just drag on, and also the game can lose you progress if you go back to the main menu. There’s an exceptional design with stunning graphics of your sparkling organism, and the depth of goo you’re swimming in. You can also pinch to dive deep, as there are multiple layers in the goo.

Sparkle 2: Evo ($1.99, iPad) is tedious more than anything else in-spite of the interesting theme and beautiful visuals.


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