Spice Invaders – Spicing Up The Tower Defense Genre

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Outstanding gameplay with brilliant pace & action | Great design | Excellent balance to earn Spice

Can feel a bit too easy at times | Needs some more users for better online multiplayer

The tower defense genre has seemingly seen it all with a proliferation of iOS tower defense games in the first few years of the App Store. The number of new tower defense games has fallen off considerably with so many physics puzzlers now hitting the App Store. Still though, new ones come along every so often, and Spice Invaders is the newest such title. The game is all about Spice with alien pirates coming to earth to mine for spice, and your goal is to protect the alien crafts with various towers.

The game isn’t ground breaking in the sense that it’s reminiscent of Fieldrunners with an open grid layout, highly polished cartoon graphics, and plenty of action for the tower defense genre. Spice Invaders takes all the best aspects of Fieldrunners, and enhances it in almost every way to deliver an outstanding tower defense experience. The game is set-up with 55 levels across five environments, and each one offers a unique layout to defend to keep the action fresh. There’s new strategy involved on each level, and the game has a relatively quick pace that is simply wonderful with the ability to send next waves, and run at 2x and 4x speed.

The game seems to have learned from all the other tower defense games, and truly presents all you could want from tower defense with the same smooth touch mechanic that is perfectly situated for iOS. There are six main towers with 54 potential upgrades, and there are magical powers as well to enhance the action and your defense. It’s great to watch the invasion and tower defense in action with the outstanding visual design. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an intricate online multiplayer component that lets up to eight users play on the same map at once, and there are plenty of head to head matches as well.

Spice Invaders (Free*, Universal) is quite simply the best tower defense game yet with action packed gameplay, intricate online multiplayer, a plethora of levels & modes, and such great personality and charm.

*Also, Spice Invaders is free with in-app purchases to buy spice, which is the in-game currency. The IAP is completely optional, as there’s a great balance of earning spice by playing. If you bought any extra spice it would only make the game simpler, as it’s a full featured enjoyable challenge completely for free without IAP.


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