Spirefall – Climbing An All New Cat Tree On iOS

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced platforming | High quality design | Easy to play

Hyper sensitive obstacles | Just an endless climber


In Spirefall, your goal is to guide a cat up a 3D rotating cylinder that is filled with platforms that are ready to fall away. It’s a neat new idea with a fetching visual design that comes from the makers of Third Eye Crime, and Zengrams. There are levels as you progress your way upwards, but it’s still an endless affair since you restart at level one each time. Luckily, you have three lives to help your ascent. There are numerous types of platforms to trip you up as you go including spikes, robots, hammers, flame throwers, collapsing platforms, and more.
The higher you go in Spirefall, the tougher it gets while you simply try to stay alive, and collect some cat food cans too. There’s a surprising amount of challenge included since you don’t have that long to pause, as the platforms behind you continue to fall away. The game is all about moving forward, and upward with smooth touch controls with left and right directions, as well as a single jump button. Spirefall includes a nice flow to get you into the groove of moving through the obstacles. It’s great to see in motion, and there are a lot of surprises with the randomly generated layouts each time you play.

The main problem with Spirefall is that it has the makings for a level based platform, but settles for another endless climber. It seems pointless to have level designations, if you can’t restart at anything but level one. Another noticeable problem is that the obstacles are hyper sensitive, so if the cat is even close to touching a danger, you will lose a life. It’s nice that you restart right where you die, as long as you have lives left, but some of the deaths feel cheap. Through it all, it still delivers fast paced fun with a relatively fresh twist with the 3D cylinder to rise up on, though it’s a bit like Mr. Crab.

Spirefall (Free, Universal) looks good, and plays well making it worth picking up for quick action platforming.

Free, Universal


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