SpongeBob’s Super Bouncy Fun Time – Name Says It All

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

The game perfectly embodies the name | Combines genres for enjoyable experience | Superb design

Is a bit easy to begin with | Could use some more Spongebob sayings & playable Patrick

As soon as you hear the name Spongebob, you can probably hear the theme song start playing in your head. When you see a Spongebob game in the App Store, you can’t help but be intrigued, and hence here’s our review of Spongebob’s Super Bouncy Fun Time. From the title and screenshots you can tell there’s going to be some over the top Spongebob action, and there’s also a little flair of a Japanese Game Show mixed with Anime. The game itself is relatively unique by taking little bits from a couple of other games, and overall it feels like a new take on Pachinko.

You get to play as Spongebob, and you launch balls into the various worlds of Bikini Bottom to go Jellyfishing. You try to hit the Jellyfish with the balls, and there are bricks involved in each level. There are some aspects of a brick breaker combined with some elements of Peggle, and it creates a very enjoyable experience. Every single level offers a unique challenge as you try to use as few balls as possible to collect all of the jellies. When you hit a jelly, it can then knock into bricks and other jellies that can lead to huge chain reactions, and super bouncy fun.

The game includes 100 levels of this great style as you play in Jellyfish Fields, Kelp Forest, Rock Bottom, Goo Lagoon, and Downtown. There are power-ups available to help you along the way, and they can be purchased with the coins you earn for taking down each jelly. Every single level is just so fun that you’ll want to keep launching, for more bouncing balls and jellies bouncing of everything else in the environment. The art style is simply superb, and the entire package can really appeal to any and all ages. You also get to hear authentic Spongebob sayings as you go, and the end of each level includes one the best little tunes I’ve ever heard, and it feels like a true reward.

Spongebob’s Super Bouncy Fun Time ($1.99, iPhone / $3.99, iPad) is bursting with personality, and is packed with enjoyment that will definitely bring a smile to your face. The game is a must buy that will provide hours of fun, that you just won’t be able to get enough of, and the title perfectly embodies the game.


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