Spy Mouse – The New Definitive iOS Game?

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 4/5

Great balanced gameplay | You’ll want to play and enjoy ever level | Tons of polish

Uses EA’s Origin instead of Game Center | A little bit slow moving

Game Info

APP NAME: Spy Mouse

DEVELOPER(S): Firemint

GENRE(S): Action, Strategy

RELEASE DATE(S): August 25th, 2011

We’ve been teased about Spy Mouse since March, including playing a version that seemed ready to go. After two years in the making, Spy Mouse is finally available from Firemint, creators of Flight Control and Real Racing. If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s a path drawing action game that combines the controls of Flight Control with a James Bond adventure theme. You draw Agent Squeak’s path through houses trying to collect all the cheese, and avoid detection from cats. The gameplay isn’t necessarily ground breaking with stealth path drawing seen in 33rd Division. Also, Pickpawcket has a very similar style as you move about the level dodging dog guards, collecting art, and using power-ups.

Spy Mouse is different in the level of polish, and the scale of the game. There are 70 levels across six worlds with each one providing plenty of variation. The game features plenty of enjoyable challenge that never becomes too frustrating, but never is too easy. Every level features multiple cat guards and cheeses, and as you progress you encounter special items to use to your advantage. For instance there are doors that let you move quickly from one side of the house to the next. There are also fake mouses to get cheese out of traps, and TVs to distract the cats.

The best aspect is that you can constantly adjust and react to how a level progresses. If a cat spots you, it’s not game over as you’re given the chance to dodge it. You can always change the path you’ve drawn, and the controls are silky smooth allowing for precise adjustments. The boss battles are probably the highlight of the game because the imagination behind them is so great. You will need to really think it through, and act to beat a boss stage, and that just opens up new level with each one featuring a unique layout.

The graphical design is superb, and you would expect nothing less after witnessing the beauty of Real Racing and Flight Control. The ultimate takeaway from Spy Mouse is that once you begin, you’ll want to complete every level in the game which not many iOS games can do. The only real negative is that the game uses EA’s new origin social connectivity system instead of Game Center. There is also an in-app purchase to make the levels easier.

Spy Mouse ($0.99, iPhone) was hyped to a level not seen by many iOS games, and a game from Firemint and EA deserves high expectations. The best thing about Spy Mouse is that it actually does live up to expectations which is quite an accomplishment in its own right. The game gets it all right with beautifully balanced gameplay, outstanding design, smooth controls, great theme incorporated throughout, and plenty of levels that you’ll want to complete.

Spy Mouse is a must buy for only $0.99 that is the new definition of an iOS game. You’ll enjoy every minute of sneaking about and collecting cheese. It really is amazing that such a game can sell for a single $1, and you just have to take advantage of that.


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