Spy vs Spy – A Classic Reborn On iOS With Multiplayer

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

GeGreat online multiplayer with dual live feed | Engaging & unique head to head gameplay

Controls do hamper the experience | Game logic isn't the best

Spy vs Spy is an absolute classic from Mad Magazine that made a transition to the arcade in its heyday. The game now comes to iOS, and Spy vs Spy is made for iOS with Game Center online multiplayer. The online component is the true stand out feature as it lets you play head to head with both players screens streamed live together. The game itself pits you as either the white or black spy, and you need to find a passport, key, secret, plans, money, and briefcase to be able to escape, board a plane, and win the round. Your goal is to not only find these items, but do so before your opponent, because there’s only one set, and the items can switch hands.

In order for items to switch hands, you need to set-up booby traps for the other spy to trigger whether it be bombs, springs, door triggered guns, or electric water buckets. There are ways to defuse each trap, but you need to find the tool, and be careful. There’s a neat balance as you need to search behind paintings or in cabinets to find the four special items, but that’s where the traps can be hidden. You can also come face to face with your foe, where you just need to beat them to the death or run.

There are 24 different embassies with unique layouts, and 16 are brand new for the iOS version. The single player campaign is a nice offering, but again all of the Spy vs Spy action is perfectly suited for online play. The gameplay is definitely unique and interesting, but the controls are a bit problematic. The rooms have depth, so you can move in four directions, but the provided d-pad does hamper the experience. There are also some problems with placing traps as you can accidentally trigger them, by simply trying to place them. The single player campaign also is a bit confusing and frustrating when it comes to collecting them items, and having the items switch hands. At times, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent rule set of how items can transfer hands, or which items are in your hands.

Spy vs Spy ($0.99, Universal) offers unique and challenging gameplay that is great for the well designed online component. The game isn’t without it’s problems, but still worth picking for some investigative online battles and engaging Spy vs Spy action.


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