Stack Rabbit – Building Up A Friendly Puzzle Game

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Neat stacking mechanic | Cute graphics | Friendly game design

Starts out too easy | Could use more variety


Rabbits have a lot of mouths to feed, and that’s why they sometimes are relegated to stealing from vegetable gardens. That’s the case in the new iOS game Stack Rabbit, which comes from the development team behind Where’s My Water. Each of the 65 levels presents a grid based garden filled with different types of vegetables, and you simply swipe to move the bunny to the specific vegetables you need to collect. Your main goal is to make matches of at least three vegetables, and you can stack up to seven vegetables on the rabbit’s head. You can make matches of up to seven for the most points, but the goal of most levels is to collect a certain number of specific vegetables.
In each of the 65 levels, you have a limited number of matches available in an attempt to maximize points from big matches, while collecting all of the required vegetables. There are also some levels that require a specific bundle of an assortment of vegetables, and there are boss battles where you face the guard dog. It’s a relatively passive puzzle experience since there are no time limits, and instead you just focus on making matches. There’s also a subtle twist in that the vegetables garden continues to regrow, which could pin you behind vegetables you don’t need. The first section contains 15 levels, and it’s pretty mindless, until you reach the 15th level, and from there on the difficulty increases significantly. Once you get to the next set of levels, the numbers of matches comes in to play because there are higher thresholds of required vegetables, with more potential for other types of vegetables to get in the way.

The entire Stack Rabbit experience is made extremely inviting with the cute main character, effortless to play style, and high quality graphics. You just need to stick with it through the easy beginnings to really get to some enjoyable puzzle action that actually introduces some form of challenge, especially when shooting for three star scores. It’s also really easy to just keep going from level to level with such a friendly nature that includes the ability to play in both orientations. The best part is that you can enjoy the complete experience for free with the in-app purchases simply tied to extra power-ups, or additional lives like Candy Crush.

Stack Rabbit (Free, Universal) is an enjoyable game experience that can appeal to a wide audience, while supplying a nice matching twist making for a worthwhile download.


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