Star Command – Playing At Warp Factor Fun

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Bursting with personality & charm | Action packed gameplay of juggling tasks | Great design

Battles are a bit redundant | Some slow moving sequences


These are the voyages of your very own starship where you get to command a crew leading them into strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations. This is Star Command, a space exploration simulation that has been a long time coming, and has finally reached our galaxy. It’s a brand new take on Star Trek that twists it into an action packed onslaught of alien battles with simultaneous chaotic occurrences. You begin in our solar system, and then it’s off to new galaxies with each new exploration point extending the story, and leading into a new battle. Before you set off, you get to outfit your ship with stations for tactical, science, and engineering, and hire the crew to fill each station.
Star Command is brimming with personality, and style that has thoroughly amusing story sequences. There are so many asides to the ideas of Star Trek, and each hailing frequency with new alien interactions is a treat by itself. The storyline perfectly encircles the action packed gameplay to give such great incentive to keep playing through the game. The battles are so intricate to the overall game that the storyline soon points to the captain being resigned to the fact that any conversation will soon lead to us fighting. The gameplay itself is completely immersive to the point that it’s tough to do anything else at the same time because there’s so much going on at once.

Once a battle commences, you have colored buttons in the bottom left, which recharge over time, and they control each of your special abilities. The colors connect to the type of section, so you can have red tactical attacks, yellow engineering advances, or blue scientific remedies. You need to keep focusing on attacking the enemy ship with the red buttons, while using yellow to dodge attacks, or blue to repair the shields, for example. If that wasn’t enough, you ship is in a constant state of flux, so some enemies transport aboard, and you need to use your attack personnel to blast them away, while having the scientific personal backing them up with quick health aid. Once your shields are depleted, your ship can take damage with explosions, and fires breaking out as well as hull ruptures, which require your engineering crew to go out and repair. All three sections work together with their special abilities, and you need to micro manage the in-ship chaos, while maintaining the big picture ship attack.
The action seems to increase exponentially with each new alien ship you come across generating more chaos to manage. There’s never a dull moment, and the humor filled storyline keeps you enthralled by the action packed combat. The one drawback is that the battles are relatively redundant with a similar set-up each time, although the story keeps everything fresh. There’s simply so much to enjoy in Star Command, to the point that you want to save the game until you have time to focus all your attention on the game to be completely immersed in it. To round out the package, the beautiful highly stylized modern pixel graphics wonderfully depicts the action, and shows off the gruesome deaths of alien enemies, and your own crew.

Star Command ($2.99 , Universal) delivers the total package that creates a can’t miss experience. There’s just so much to appreciate, making it a must buy that you will end up savoring every minute of, while playing at warp factor fun.


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