Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – Is It On The Light Or Dark Side?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Collect and battle with Star Wars characters | A lot to play | Accessible set-up

Strategy is a bit simplified | Levels can be repetitive

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Star Wars Battlefront launched last month delivering the most advanced Star Wars game to date, but don’t expect it on iOS anytime soon. Instead, EA released Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on iOS that offers a turn based RPG style Star Wars experience. You get to collect characters from the Star Wars universe to then use in battle as you face tons of light and dark side missions. The game is all about collecting and upgrading characters that range from Jawas, Ewoks, and Clones to Chewbacca, Luke, and Darth Vader.
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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features over 100 levels each of dark and light side missions as well as 65 different characters to unlock. There’s a whole lot to play through, and it all comes down to building up your team, and using the right moves to win each battle. Each character starts out with a normal attack and special ability with a third ability to upgrade to. The special ability is unique to each character, and takes turns to replenish, so you need to use it at the right time. Every level is composed of multiple waves, so you need to maintain your team’s health to make it through each wave. The strategy doesn’t offer the most depth, but it does allow for an inviting set-up that is easy to keep playing to make it through all that’s included.

The Star Wars theme has obvious appeal, especially as you unlock and play with well known characters. The gameplay isn’t ground breaking, or particularly deep, but it is engaging especially when mixed with the Star Wars theme. The part that really sticks out is the freemium set-up with multiple forms of in-game currency, numerous ways to spend that currency, and an energy meter. Surprisingly, none of the freemium aspects are particularly restrictive, and you can fully enjoy the game without the normal stumbling blocks. The energy meter quickly replenishes, and you can play your way to unlock new characters, and earn upgrades. It might take awhile to get to the most well known characters, but there are plenty of unlockables in the mean time to give you something to strive for. The game is free, and that fact doesn’t get in the way of playing turn based strategy with Star Wars characters. There’s definite simplicity at times as well as repetitive structure, but you can still fully play it all.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (Free, Universal) is an entertaining way to play in the Star Wars universe that is well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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