Stealth Inc. – Stepping Out From The Shadows On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Multi-faceted levels | Friendly to all players | Nice blend of stealth & action

A bit tough to control at times | Can lose track of your character


Get your sleuthing shoes on as Stealth Inc. is now available for iOS providing a stealth based platformer set in a mechanical world. The game is all about moving through the shadows to avoid security cameras, laser turrets, deadly robots, and more across 80 intricate levels. Stealth Inc. is all about challenge as your character is only outfitted with special goggles with no armory or defenses, which means being caught is instant death. The levels are jam packed with unforgiving hazards that require you to trigger switches, and move quickly to unlock the path forward. All of the action is controlled by virtual controls where you simply slide your finger on the left side of the screen with jump and duck buttons on the right. They’re relatively intuitive, and work fairly well, though there are instances of missing the jump button or sliding your finger too far.
There’s so much going on in each level as they’re usually multi-faceted as the walls, and floors move as you flip switches opening up a whole new section to complete. The entire set-up is reminiscent of a time based platformer like League of Evil with similar instances of instant death, but a more subtle approach of stealth. Everything you do needs to be quick, yet careful so that your jumps don’t overrun the shadows, but you need to move fast enough to stay away from the moving light. There are also puzzle sequences as you need to time your movement, move blocks over triggers, use elevators to move objects, or use the moving robots to your advantage. Again, it’s all about the subtleties of each level, so that there are 80 unique challenges that are superbly designed.

The best part of Stealth Inc. is that it’s made for a wide audience even with the air of being a tough as nails platformer. That’s because there are intelligent checkpoints that let you restart within the middle of a level at the exact time point you were at when you triggered the last meaningful switch. It’s a much less frustrating way to play an unforgiving game that lets you learn from your mistakes without having to restart from scratch. The game design is friendly to the player, and also gives you a choice to play just on completion, or try to complete for a high grade, and a position on the leaderboards. There are facets to appeal to high score time attack mavens, and simple completionists all while delivering intricate challenges. The stealth puzzle gameplay is taken up a notch by the added speed elements. There’s also a unique design that sets most of the screen in darkness, and yet there’s a distinct stylized factory to make it through.

Stealth Inc. ($4.99, Universal) provides some intense action as you hug the shadows to avoid deadly traps while figuring out the hidden path forward. It’s a well crafted experience that is inviting to a wide range of players making it a should buy for an enjoyable challenge.


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