Storm Casters – Casting A Spell On Your iOS Device

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Throughly engaging | Action arcade infusion to dungeon crawler | Great upgrades

Simple core mechanic | Could use more variety in player interaction


Action arcade games have proven to be hits on iOS, but that style hasn’t been the forte of the dungeon crawler genre. That doesn’t mean it can’t be, and Storm Casters is a new game trying to infuse a little action into the dungeon crawler style. Storm Casters comes from Get Set Games, the makers of Mega Jump, and Mega Run, and are trying to add the arcade action of those two games into an all new genre for them. Your goal in Storm Casters is to use magical attacks to go room by room, floor by floor dispatching any enemies along the way.
The main distinction of Storm Casters is that you’re given a temporary portal to travel through these dungeons with a specific time limit, and you try to get as far as you can before the portal closes. The time constraints amp up the action considerably as you will need to travel through multiple rooms, and at the outset you have just 20 seconds to do so. Rather than taking your time, you need to just blast through enemies as quick as you can in an attempt to get to the boss stage of a given zone to be able to advance to the next zone. Each zone constitutes a couple of floors, and there’s one consistent time limit, but there is the ability to earn more time as you complete floors. To make matters more interesting, there’s a press your luck mechanic as you aim to recover loot, as the more time you spend looking for coins, the less you have to explore more rooms.

The gameplay revolves around a simple joystick with action button to perform attacks, which is relatively simplistic. Despite the simplicity in the core mechanic, the game does a great job of keeping you constantly engaged, and coming back. There’s an intrinsic replay factor combined with a lot to aim for with 50 different floors to unlock. Each play session is condensed into quick bursts, so it’s an intense challenge with nice enemy variety. There are also quick boss battles after just a few rooms, and each time you play a given zone, there’s a randomly generated room set-up. To add to the variety, Storm Casters also includes unlockable battle cards, which can provide new weapons, more health, extra time, and more to further increase the variety. A lot is built upon the simple base to make for a game with a surprising amount of depth.
One of the best parts of the game is the difficulty curve to maintain a constant challenge, while still being accessible. The game includes a coin based upgrade system for attack power, and portal time, and there’s a smooth upgrade path, so it never really feels like a grind. You readily level up, and it seems you gain coins at a great pace to align with upgrading your abilities as you unlock new zones. The game rarely causes you to be stuck on a particular zone, and that’s part of the reason that it so easy to just keep playing. The main takeaway is that Storm Casters is kind of like Minigore infused with a dungeon crawler mixed with a great time system, and upgrade component. It would be nice to see a little more variety in player interaction, but the simple mechanic mixed with the short bursts of arcade action is the main selling point.

Storm Casters ($1.99, Universal) offers fast paced fun to give you chunks of thoroughly engaging, and enjoyable gameplay that is a should buy.


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