Storm the Train – Action Packed On The Track

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great gameplay balance | Nice variation of trains & bosses | Engaging & entertaining action

Another endless game | A bit of a grind to unlock valuables | No checkpoints after bosses

Side scrolling action games seem to be all the rage lately, and that’s perfectly fine if they’re made well. Storm the Train is the latest, and pits you as a secret agent running and jumping the length of a train blasting everything in sight. It’s an endless run with various themed trains including zombies, robots, and ninjas. Though the game is endless in nature, it still delivers multiple themes and boss battles which are nice refreshers.

The question for any game of this style is the amount of action, and Storm the Train offers a very well balanced amount. The pacing is superb with a constant supply of enemies, and there’s nice train jumping beyond that. The game also delivers varied and upgradeable weapons and gadgets to truly enhance the action. There are never any restrictions on ammo, constant switching of weapons, and a mayhem meter to unlock the gadgets. There are also special vehicles to use to cause extra damage, and all of the extras are based on how well you perform.

The endless style does beg for some form of optional mode with checkpoints, but that’s not in the design of the game. It’s also freemium, but it’s a lot like Punch Quest in that regard with optional rather than essential in-app purchases. The graphical design is also top notch to make it a treat to witness all of the destruction. The game just nails the design so it’s enjoyable each time you storm the train dispatching everything in your sight along the way.

Storm the Train (Free, Universal) delivers another excellent action packed endless runner that is engaging and entertaining each time you play.


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