Street Fighter IV Volt – Now With Online Multiplayer

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3/5
Length: 3/5

Online multiplayer for Street Fighter | Quick connections

Connections are hit or miss | Problems with match making

Game Info

APP NAME: Street Fighter IV Volt


GENRE(S): Action, Arcade

RELEASE DATE(S): June 30th, 2011

Take your Street Fighter skills worldwide with the new online play enabled, Street Fighter IV Volt. Now you can play the epic fighting game online, and connect effortlessly via Game Center multiplayer. We covered the game during E3, and now it’s time for the full review. Volt is all about versus play, and you can play locally via BlueTooth or online via WiFi. You can start your own online match, or wait for someone to start with you. The one thing you need to know is that you need to change the accepting friend request option depending on the mode you’re playing.

If you want to enjoy single player arcade or survival mode, you need to have “accept friend requests” off. Otherwise, as soon as you begin a single player match, a multiplayer event begins. You’re not given an accept or decline option while playing, and you need to switch it in the menu first. Once you accept a multiplayer match, the game starts up relatively quick, but a smooth performance when actually playing is hit or miss. After multiple games over WiFi, there were some that were super smooth to perform all kinds of combos and special attacks. Other times the game moved frame by frame, simply because of the internet connection of both players, not just your own.

You can start an online match as easy as can be, but it seemed those matches were more prone to stuttering than one initiated by others. When creating a match you have the option to play against same skill, better skill, or any type of player though the match making isn’t super fine tuned at these early stages. The one thing you can’t do is set up an online match against any particular Game Center friend. It’s always a random opponent, which is a little disappointing.

If you like Street Fighter, you’ll love the online component when it’s working, but absolutely hate the game when it’s not. There is a lot of input required by you and your opponent to perform quality attacks, and it seems the game doesn’t recognize some actions. Street Fighter IV Volt is a good stand alone game in the App store, but the online multiplayer would have been a nice update to the existing game.

Street Fighter IV Volt is currently on sale for $0.99, and will go up by $1 each day until it reaches $6.99. If you ever want to pick up the online multiplayer version, the sooner the better. The game isn’t as smooth as it could be, and some fine tuning to the options and connection system could improve the experience substantially.

Street Fighter IV Volt is worth considering depending on how much you like the fighting game, and how much you use online play.


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