Super Arc Light – Lighting Up A New Arcade Challenge

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

One touch arcade action | Easy to play, yet challening | Sliding difficulty scale

Game style plays out similarly each time | Could use an alternate mode

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Arcade shooters are one of the oldest gaming genres, but that doesn’t mean all ideas have been exhausted. Super Arc Light is a new iOS arcade shooter that offers an all new line touch control scheme. The canon rotates around a circle, and your goal is to blast away enemy ships before they invade the tunnel that you’re trying to protect. You can tap and hold to fire, and each time you lift your finger, your canon rotates in the opposite direction.
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Super Arc Light is all about getting into the flow of rotating around the arc of the tunnel to line your shot up just right. It’s an endless high score challenge in the classic arcade style, and yet the game has an evolving difficulty progression, and scoring system. The game features varying score plateaus with each one tied to unlocking a new weapon. As you unlock new weapons, the game introduces more difficult waves that you can handle with your powerful weapons. That means the game increases the challenge as you become more powerful, and it’s almost imperceptible how the waves pick up. The tough waves amp up your score, even if you last the same amount of time. The system offers incentive to keep coming back, and it’s nice to get a more challenging experience as you become equipped to handle it.

The arcade action is presented with a minimalistic design of white shapes and lines on a black background with the highlight of color for each weapon that you use. The screen comes to life as you’re firing away, and it makes each new weapon that much more enjoyable to use. The visuals add flourishes to a surprisingly deep arcade challenge. There are specific patterns to figure out, and it all comes down to tapping, holding, and releasing to fire and reverse rotation to be in the right position. The subtle difficulty tweaks give the game surprising staying power, and with each game you can try to change the way your target and move.

Super Arc Light ($0.99, Universal) delivers a fast paced arcade challenge with an easy pick up and play style with surprising depth making it well worth picking up.

$0.99, Universal


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