Super Monsters Ate My Condo – More Action To Munch On

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Similar frantic action, but enhanced | Same great theme | Fresh challenges, floors, and boosts

Not that different from the original | Consumable boosts

Monsters Ate My Condo is an App Store classic with the frantic gameplay, great theme, and smooth touch controls. PikPok and Adult Swim Games have teamed up once again to deliver Super Monsters Ate My Condo, which is a sequel that combines the original with elements of PikPok’s great Extinction Squad. Now there are challenges, power-ups, and a wheel to spin at the end of each game. The original offered three modes, while the sequel simply offers an enhanced time attack mode with two minutes to score as much as you can.

The gameplay itself seems to be even more frantic at a frenetic pace where you swipe out condos to create matches of the same colors. There are two monsters on screen, and you want to feed them the right colored condos or they get angry with the chance to topple your tower. Every move you make has the potential to topple the tower, Jenga style, and that factor comes into play more with the two minute pacing. As you complete challenges, you increase your score multiplier and unlock new condo types including piggy banks and clocks, while avoiding negative floors that have nukes and acid. The endless mode has a leveling up sequence to unlock the new floor types and improve your chances for a high score, so there’s a nice replay factor.

When you start a level, you’re transfixed on the screen due to all of the action, and the anime style graphics and effects. The theme is infused throughout the game to establish great personality. As you make matches, you create new bronze, silver, gold, and diamond condos for extreme bonuses. You can even feed those special floors to the monsters for special bonus modes. The sequel also includes boosts to give you more time or increase your multiplier, but each one costs coins each time you play, so there’s a subtle freemium style on top of the original game. The main drawback with the original is that games could drag, and there was some repetition across the game modes. The sequel fixes the time limit, and infuses fresh layers with the new floor types, boosts, and challenges.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo ($0.99, Universal) improves upon the original in every way, but does so subtly so that there’s not a big feature list of what’s new. Instead the entire experience has been improved while maintaining what made the original so good, which is the action packed gameplay infused with the great theme. Super Monsters Ate My Condo is a should buy that is completely at home on iOS, and such an enjoyable experience each time you launch it.

*Super Monsters Ate My Condo is also made for the iPhone 5, and the game provides more room to swipe condos, while moving the interface elements out of the way. iPhone 5 screenshot left, 3.5″ screen right.


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